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Discount Carrier Bags is a specialist website from Polybags Ltd, the UK's number one manufacturer of polythene packaging, to showcase their printed carrier bags service.

Get a quote in 60 seconds on carrier bags personalised with your company logo or design or, if you don't need your bags quite so bespoke, then take a look at Polybags' massive range of carriers available off-the-shelf at discount prices.

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Any commercial use of the photos which authours we are, and also their use in printing editions and on other printed carriers is strictly forbidden without our written consent.

When it comes to selecting the optimal printed carrier bags for your business, there are a assortment of alternative factours to bear in mind. Polybags

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Discount Carrier Bags is the place to buy all types of carrier bags at fantastic discount prices. Check out our spectrum of products, or design your possess carriers with your branding or emblem - acquire a quote in less than 60 seconds!

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There's absolutely no denying of the fact that personalised carrier bags have become a necessary part of our daily life. We have Polybags

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often dropped calls or echos on the line, probably because they are utilising cost-effective carriers

Either you’ve decided or you are thinking about purchasing cost-effective carrier bags as a promotional product. Polybags, submit your request via the complimentary to use fast quotes form above which goes to 3 leading UK suppliers or select from the below list of cost-effective carrier bag suppliers to contact them directly.

5. We can arrange a re-delivery for you nevertheless the carriers normally charge a fee for this. The fee varies depending on the carrier nevertheless is normally between £12 - £25. You will be required to pay this fee in advance prior to a re-delivery being arranged. 

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Polybags' massive range

Polybags has over 50 years' experience in producing first class polythene packaging at fantastic discount prices. They continue to maintain their high standards today with an extensive range of products, including:

Carrier bags
Carrier bags
A huge range of carrier bags in all shapes and sizes, styles and colours. From cheap and cheerful vest carriers to premium clip close handle carriers and biodegradable carriers - whatever type of carrier you need, Polybags has it covered!
Mailing bags
Mailing and courier bags
Polybags' range of polythene mailing bags provides the perfect alternative to regular envelopes. Lightweight but strong and waterproof, poly mailers are simple to use with an integral sealing strip. Secure, heavy duty and Mailtuf options are available, or you can personalise your own printed mailers to take your deliveries to the next level.
Bubble film and bubble bags
Bubble packaging
Bubble wrap and bubble bags allow you to place delicate items in the post or storage with peace of mind. Available in a range of sizes, this air-cushioned bubble film provides the perfect protection for valuable items of any shape or size.
Environmental bags
Environmental bags
Keep an eye out for the environment whilst getting the job done with Polybags' range of eco-friendly products, made in line with the latest research findings. From bin liners to carrier bags, these products will boost your green credentials.
Waste bags and sacks
Waste bags and sacks
Dispose of waste from home or office, garden or workplace, with Polybags' fantastic range of waste sacks. Includes a range of specialist sacks to help deal with clinical waste, asbestos, heavy duty rubble and more, you'll really clean up with these bags!
Grip seal and slider grip bags
Grip and zip seal bags
Protect contents whilst keeping them in handy bags for storage and retrieval with Polybags' range of grip and zip seal bags. These resealable bags keep contents safely protected from moisture, dust or other contaminants and provide a great storage solution for a huge range of small to medium-sized items.
Plain polythene bags
Plain packing bags
This range of classic plain polythene bags caters for a huge variety of uses, from covering pieces of furniture while moving house, or protecting that important family heirloom in storage. Available in a range of thicknesses and sizes.
Polythene tubing and sheeting
Polythene tubing and sheeting
Popular in the building trade, polythene sheeting is a great way to protect a wide surface area from paint, plaster or building waste. Available in a range of widths and thicknesses, polythene tubing is perfect for wrapping items of odd shapes and sizes.
Specialist bags
Produce and paper bags
Polybags stocks a range of polythene and paper bags for use with food. Perfect for maintaining hygiene while packing, preparing or transporting food, these products are popular with shops, take aways, delicatessens and market traders.
Transit packing
Vacuum bags
Using vacuum bags and sealers can extend the shelf-life of your food by up to five times, making them a firm favourite within the catering industry. Suitable for the storage of cooked, dried and fresh food stuffs, including fish, meat and vegetables.
Garment bags and pallet covers
Garment and laundry covers
This range of protective packaging caters for any business who need to clean, handle or transport clothes. Available in clear or pre-printed form, this range of garment and linen covers are available loose or on the roll.
Presentation bags
Presentation bags
If you are a manufacturer or retailer looking to give some extra sparkle to your products, then polypropylene display bags are just what you need. These crystal-clear bags are stronger, clearer and cheaper than cellophane and are guaranteed to add a touch of sparkle to your products and retail displays.
Shrink wrap and pallet covers
Shrink wrap and pallet covers
Shrink wrap is a polythene film that shrinks or tightens around the packaging contents when heat is applied. Polybags provide an excellent range of shrink film on the roll and pallet covers - used to secure goods on pallets - along with shrink kits and shrink guns used to shrink the film to secure the products as required.