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If you're looking for top quality carrier bags at great wholesale prices, Discount Carrier Bags is the website for you!

We specialise in producing printed carrier bags complete with your own logo or design, and a massive range of off-the-shelf carriers, available at the lowest prices you'll find online.

Get a quote on personalised carriers in just 60 seconds with our simple online form. No waiting around for an email or someone to get back to you - just enter a few details about the bags that you want and we'll give you a quote that's instant, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

We love to keep things simple, so we've streamlined our printed carrier bags service to get straight down to what you need while keeping our costs right down.

All of our bags are the popular patch handle carriers - made from higher quality polythene for a smoother, more substantial feel and a glossy, professional look - while we offer just five sizes of bags - mini, small, standard, premium and large - with a handy size guide to help you choose.

So all we need from you is just five simple bits of information: how many bags you want, what size bag, what colour bag, how many colours your design contains and how many sides of the bag you want to print on (choose the same or a different design on both sides at no extra cost!).

We offer high- or low-volume print runs with a minimum order of just 1,000 bags - perfect for conferences, trade shows or short-term retail promotions.

We've thought of everything and cut back to just what you need, meaning we can offer you first class printed carrier bags at discount prices. If you want to look the bees-knees and stand out from the crowd, then order from us today and you won't regret it!

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Discount Carrier Bags is a specialist website powered by Polybags Ltd, the UK's number one manufacturer of plastic bags and polythene packaging.

All orders placed with Discount Carrier Bags are fulfilled by Polybags, which means you benefit from direct service with no middle-man, wholesale prices and Polybags' renowned first class customer support.

If you're looking for carrier bags in double-quick time, you can also benefit from Polybags' massive range of clear and coloured carriers available off-the-shelf.

You'll find a huge selection of stock in all shapes and sizes and plain or printed designs to suit any purpose, at the best prices you'll find online and with free delivery across the UK*.

Whatever type of carrier bag you're looking for, if you want it fast and you want it at a bargain price, then Discount Carrier Bags is the place to be!

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Custom printed carriers are the perfect companion and provide an instant gift wrapping experience. It's easy only select one of our stock styles or create your possess selecting a unique folding style or paper stop.

Carrier Bags

Press Release (Polybags) - MANCHESTER, England - Apr 13, 2017 - With more and more retailers opting for tailored packaging, Carrier Bags for Sale has introduced carrier bags in multiple colours and budget thereby facilitating marketing job of retailers. These bags are on offer in all colours light and bright. It seems like a big opportunity for all the retailers who are looking for cost-effective carrier bags with the facility of getting their emblem names on the bags.

This is a bag with a contrast. The frosted exterior bags are the optimal selection in Custom Carrier Bags which can draw additional attention from both your client and your products.

Personalised Carrier Bags - An Essential Part of Our Lives

It’d become easy for you to beat the level of competition utilising personalised carrier bags as promotional giveaway items. The consumers will be encouraged to know what’s in your store for them and rather compelled to make a purchase.

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The card carrier assembly machine is a packaging system designed to attach gift cards onto printed carriers for point-of-purchase hanging displays.

The best range of Carrier Bags at discount prices

Whatever type of carrier bag you're looking for, from the cheap and cheerful crinkly vest carrier bags popular with supermarkets, shops and market traders everywhere to luxury shopping bags found in high-end or boutique stores, Polybags have the bag for you.

Their fantastic range of carrier bags includes polythene carriers in any size, shape, colour and to suit any budget, along with white or brown paper carriers popular with take away restaurants and coloured paper carriers often found in top department stores.

Polybags also stock a range of biodegradable and starch-based carriers, all made from materials that break down easily in regular composting conditions, to help do your bit for the environment when you've finished using - and reusing - your bag.

Carrier Bag re-use

Carrier bag re-use

Lots of UK households reuse their carrier bags. An 2005 report by the Waste Resources Action Programme found that 59% of UK households reused all plastic bags, while 82% reused over half and 89% reused at least some carrier bags.

These statistics suggest that the term 'single-use carrier bag' - often applied to the traditional crinkly carrier bag favoured by shops and supermarkets - is a bit of a red herring. The habits of the average UK shopper mean that very few carrier bags are, in fact, single use bags at all.

Carrier bags can be reused in a number of ways so that their trip home from the shops is not their only use. You can obviously use them again for their original purpose and take them when you go shopping, but they also come in very handy for countless other tasks.

Carrier bags are useful for everything from wrapping packed lunches to keeping dirty sports kit or trainers away from other clean items in a packed bag, as well as for wrapping dirty nappies, picking up dog mess or using as a convenient and simple bin liner.

Of course, if you need a bigger, stronger, or more substantial rubbish bag, then you'll find a whole range of waste sacks - from black bin bags to pedal bin liners and heavy duty rubble bags to clear recycling bags - available at Polybags, but don't forget to reuse your carrier bags when you've finished with them - they are a lot handier than some people give them credit for!

Three handy ways to re-use your carrier bags

We're tired of hearing the phrase 'single use carrier bag' used to describe the humble classic crinkly carrier. This kind of language encourages people - even if only subconsciously - to dispose of their carrier bags after their first use.

Not only does this help contribute to the amount of waste we produce but, now the carrier bag tax has been introduced, it also ends up costing people money. There are plenty of ways that carrier bags can be re-used after they've carried your shopping home - here are just three handy ones to get you going:

Carrier bags scrunched

1. Separate your wet bag contents - If you've been swimming or to the gym and you've got a bundle of wet kit in your bag that you need to keep separate from school work, your diary, laptop or important office documents, a simple carrier bag is all you need.

Just wrap the damp contents tightly and wedge them in the bottom of your bag so that they don't get anything else wet before you take them out of the bag at home for washing.

2. Scoop that poop! - The carrier bag is the considerate dog walker's best friend in times of need. No-one likes to see dog mess when they're walking down the street or through the local park so, if your dog decides to go, it's only courteous and polite - not to mention obeying the law - to pick it up.

A used carrier bag, scrunched up in your pocket, can be whipped out in no time and placed around your hand, before you pick up the poop and turn the bag inside out, tie it up and throw it in the (dog poo) bin. Simple as that!

3. Take your bags shopping again - Probably the most simple re-use of all. Instead of throwing your carrier bags away after you've been shopping, scrunch them up, keep them somewhere safe and then take them back out with you next time you go to the supermarket.

Provided they aren't overloaded or torn, carrier bags won't lose their shape or strength after one, two or even a few uses, so keep them handy and let them do what they were created for over and over again.